Giving back has been at the heart of Delta for more than 80 years.


In the News  See the latest ways Delta and our employees have given back to the communities where we   live, work and serve.

Delta supports community partners across our 6 pillars

Avanço educacional

Delta is committed to advancing education and shaping the lives of future employees and customers. Avanço educacional

Promoção de artes e cultura

Delta actively supports organizations dedicated to spreading information, enlightenment and inspiration. Promoção de artes e cultura

Saúde e bem-estar globais

Delta addresses well-being by supporting organizations committed to improving global health and wellness. Saúde e bem-estar globais

Forças armadas e veteranos

Delta employees salute Armed Forces service members and veterans. Forças armadas e veteranos

Avanço da diversidade global

Embracing diverse people and thinking, Delta is committed to maintaining a culture of inclusion. Avanço da diversidade global

Meio ambiente sustentável

Delta’s employees are committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. Meio ambiente sustentável


Como Entrar em Parceria com a Delta

Junte-se a nós. Find out how to partner with Delta and the mutual benefits our partnership can bring. Partnering with Delta